How It Works

Let us know what you're looking for:

  • Your honeymoon hotel
  • Your guests' hotel rooms
  • A destination wedding
  • A room or outdoor location for ceremony
  • A ballroom
  • Rehearsal dinner at hotel
  • Honeymoon excursion and activities
  • A Cruise Line Vacation

Are you looking for a hotel for a romantic honeymoon or a hotel for a wedding block, we shop around all different hotels on your behalf.  

We do the research and based on your criteria, limit the options and save you time.  

We'll present to you different options based on your preferences.  Once you've selected a hotel, we'll negotiate to get you the best price, terms, and extra amenities.  

From 1 room, to 50 rooms, no amount of rooms is too small or too big.  

We help you make your reservation, and our team can even help contact your guests with accommodation information and respond to any questions they may have.  

We create personalized travel pages for you to give to your friends and families attending your wedding.  

The pages allow your guests to directly book with the hotel you have negotiated your hotel contract.          

Our team can work with you directly or with your wedding planner.

Hotel Tip #1:  Be sure to ask the hotel what happens if all the rooms you have asked the hotel to block are not reserved.  How much will they charge you?

Hotels call this attrition, so be sure to read the fine print on your contract!

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